Project-a-Sketch (60mins)
We have constructed a magical portal in our living room, and we want to invite you in! With live music, a multi-camera set-up, overhead projectors, and delightfully surprising usage of interactive technology. A LIVE stream based on connection, transformation, and transparencies. Every show is different!
Corey the Technician will be on site offering TECH advice/support during each show! 🔌 ✨

Side effects may include lucid dreaming, eureka moments, acid flashbacks and fits of laughter.

We debuted this show at the Toronto Fringe Primetime Festival in Nov 2021.

“Their hand-crafted shadow-theatre is consistently playful and deeply evocative. The style is immersive and kaleidoscopic, incorporating an array of startling perspectives, traveling scenery and seamless, imaginative transitions.”
-Istvan Dugalin

Any questions, contact us.