Live Visuals

We do live visuals for musicians and bands.

Some musicians we have worked with in the past:
Maria in the Shower, James Lamb, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Frazey Ford, Jess Hill, The End Tree, Morlove, Hannah Epperson, Maddy Hildebrand, Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra and more…

We also set up improvised live visuals at events.

Crazy 8s afterparty, Pisces Party, Burn BC Events, Public Dreams’ Illuminares Lantern Festival and Parade of Lost Souls, Accordion Noir Festival, Big Bang! Fringe Festival Opening Gala, EatArt New Years, Faeries and Fools Costume Carnival and many more…

50′ projections on the outside of the Waldorf, Accordion Noir Festival, Vancouver
MoaS accordion projection

Live visuals at ChurchPresents:

Church Performance Series: Morlove, Hannah Epperson & Mind of a Snail from Michael Millard on Vimeo.