A Light Touch

A Light Touch
‘Virtual Light Therapy: Digital-Analog Deep Tissue Massage’

a LIVE stream performance by Mind of a Snail at e-Volver Festival presented by UpInTheAir Theatre, June 18th, 23rd, & 25th, 2020.

Feeling a little stir-crazy? Craving the human touch and connection you get from a therapist, hairdresser, chiropractor, surgeon, palm reader, travel agent, live theatre artist? (fill in the blank) Relax as Mind of a Snail helps manifest our desired illusions into virtual realities.

As pseudo-professional science-art-clown-healers, we have constructed a Digital-Analog Holo-Deck that customizes any longed for travel destination, or psychedelic spa experience. Through using state of the art technology (overhead projectors combined with the internet) lucky test subjects will be beamed directly into Mind of a Snail’s avant-garde sanctuary-laboratory living-room theatre.

Audiences watching will witness a type of visual float tank that is guaranteed to be virtually safe.

Side effects may include lucid dreaming, eureka moments, fits of laughter, and acid flashbacks. By bending time together using technology, we will attune to reality via a shared moment of visual fantasy!

Any questions, contact us.