Live Visuals

We collaborate with musicians to create live improvised visuals for their shows:

“Puzzle Helix” with Only a Visitor (2018)

SPACEMELT with Michael Markowsky, Giorgio Magnanensi, vocalist Camille Hesketh, percussionist Ben Brown, and french horn player Micajah Sturgess. (2016):

Live visuals at CHURCHPresents with Hannah Epperson (2013)

Rippled Modality (2014) & Bugs and Beyond (2019) with The NOW Society

Some other musicians we’ve worked with in the past:
Maria in the Shower, James Lamb, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Frazey Ford, Jess Hill, The End Tree, Morlove, Maddy Hildebrand, Tonye Aganaba, Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, A Raven Called Crow.

We’ve also set up site specific improvised live visuals at events…

Here’s a 50 foot high projection of an accordion that could literally play the fire escape on the outside of the Waldorf at the Accordion Noir Festival, Vancouver BC.
MoaS accordion projection