Caws & Effect

Photo by Chloe Ziner

Large-scale shadow theatre from a birds eye view.

RUN TIME: 55 minutes, no intermission
Recommended for ADULTS & KIDS 7+
Available in English, French, Mandarin, or Portuguese (subtitles)

Crows are re-dreaming the world. Is the future all it’s cracked up to be?

This modern fable is told using handmade layered projections, puppetry, masks, and an original musical score. Mind of a Snail’s large scale shadow puppetry is quirky, colourful and beautiful, like early animation performed live before your eyes.

The critics are RAVEN!

★★★★★ “a gorgeous and wondrous work of art” -CBC

★★★★★ “a fantastical, unique experience” -Torontoist

★★★★★ “Calling it shadow puppetry doesn’t do this incredible show justice” -Edmonton Sun

★★★★★ “it’s stunning and hilarious to witness the wizardry these two artists spin with such simple elements” -Vue Weekly

“Through layered cut-paper projections, puppetry, masks and an original score, Chloé Ziner and Jessica Gabriel create a whimsical live-action storybook that’s mesmerizing. In their hands, craft materials become enterprising earthworms and beating crows wings and starry galaxies and post-apocalyptic cityscapes strewn with garbage. The ingenuity and artistry on display is breathtaking.” -Winnipeg Free Press

Created in 2014, “Caws & Effect” has won awards at Festivals in Winnipeg, Vancouver, London ON, Saskatoon, Toronto, Edmonton & Orlando. This show has also delighted audiences in many other communities across Canada, USA, Taiwan, and Brazil.

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