Live Stream / Shadowjam!

Shadowjam! Sundays on Twitch

Every Sunday in 2020-2022 we were LIVE streaming improv music and puppetry direct from our living room. Because we really missed playing with friends, Shadowjam! (which usually happens in person) has been adapted to include the internet in a collaborative experimental live stream that feels surprisingly connected! Fun spontaneous ART making with online community.

Follow us on our Twitch channel too get a taste of past streams and to know when we inevitably start streaming again…

All moods welcome.

Shadowjam Group on Facebook

Shadowjam is a fully participatory event where everyone is a performer and everyone is the audience. It’s a magical blend of improvised musical jam, in-the-moment shadow puppetry, and spontaneous storytelling.

We start by crafting shadow puppets together around a theme. Then we set up a sheet in the middle of the room, with an overhead projector and puppets on one side and musical instruments all around. Everyone is encouraged to try any role, whether it’s as a puppeteer, musician, narrator or whatever else. No experience is needed and spontaneity is encouraged. The only requirement is that people try to be present in the moment, listening and responding with the whole picture in mind.

Shadowjam provides a framework for unconditional play within an expressive, inclusive group experience. Participants often describe it as a shared dream.

Download a PDF of our Shadowjam Guidebook